About Us

The mission of CORE Credit Union is to provide professional yet personal service, based on the sound financial policies that balance the Credit Union's philosophy with maximization of return to its members.

CORE Credit Union History

CORE Credit Union was founded, in 1974, as Bulloch County School Employees Credit Union by eight residents of Bulloch County. The charter members originally founded the Credit Union to serve educators in Bulloch County.

In 1980, the Credit Union expanded its field of membership to include the employees of Georgia Southern College, Effingham County Board of Education, and Candler County Board of Education. In 1981 and 1982, the field of membership continued to grow with the additions of the Bryan County Board of Education and Emanuel County Board of Education. With the continued growth outside of the Bulloch County area the Credit Union felt it was necessary to change its name to represent the areas served. In 1984, the Credit Union officially changed its name to Central Ogeechee River Educators Credit Union to reflect the areas being served.

In the following years, the Credit Union expanded its membership beyond just educators. The field of membership now included Select Employee Groups (SEGs) or employees of local industries who had chosen to partner with the Credit Union for financial services. By 1996, it was decided Central Ogeechee River Educators Credit Union again was no longer an accurate representation of the field of membership. In order to represent future membership growth, the acronym CORE was used to replace Central Ogeechee River Educators.  

With membership reaching over 10,000 in 2017, the Credit Union began looking to expand into new markets. In 2018, CORE found a partner in Savannah Federal Credit Union.  The merger between the two credit unions provided a new market presence, in Savannah, for CORE as well as a full line of financial services to Savannah Federal members. With the completion of the merger in early 2019, CORE Credit Union is positioned to continue its tradition of offering superior products and services to our members.

Stop by one of our locations and experience the difference. As a non-profit financial institution, our goal is to promote the financial well-being of our members. We're not in business to make profits for stockholders. Instead, we exist solely to meet our members' needs. For over 40 years, we've been providing excellent rates on savings and loans with a focus on personal service. Today, we continue that tradition. Join the CORE Credit Union family, and let us show you the difference membership makes.

Who Can Join?

Because you work hard for your money, we want to offer the best services for your hard earned income. Our many services are listed within this site, and we look forward to your new membership. And if you are already a member, thank-you. We will continue to work hard for you. Never hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call about any services you see here within this website.

Anyone is eligible to become a CORE Credit Union member if:

  • You are a resident of Bulloch County

  • You are employed in Bulloch County

  • Related to an employee of a SEG (the employee does not have to be a member of CORE Credit Union for you to become a member)

  • Related to a current member of CORE Credit Union

  • Federal employees in Chatham, Bryan, Effingham, and Liberty Counties all current members at Fort Stewart;

  • You are a resident of Jasper and Hampton Counties in South Carolina

  • You are a contract laborer for the federal government

  • You are employed with Georgia Southern University

  • You are employed with Sullivan's Administrative Managers

  • You are employed with the Savannah College of Art and Design

  • You are employed with the Telfair Art Museum

  • You are employed with Kessler Corporation in Chatham, Byran, Effingham, and Liberty Counties in Georgia and Jasper and Hampton counties in South Carolina

  • Members of the GettingAhead Association